/332: September 7, 2018

332: September 7, 2018

332: September 7, 2018
It’s the 8th Anniversary of Hollywood Babble-On, recorded LIVE at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA on Friday, 9/7/2018.

happy anniversary :), hope it goes on for a long while but don´t be affraid to explore more together :). i remember the smodcastle days :). burt reynolds was huge. saw the smokey and canonbal movies all the time, hooper too. may their journeys continue. jackie chan and reynolds started the blooper reel s#¤% :). perhaps gwyneth´s like a queen/king in old stories who´s easily tricked by snake oil sales people?.. maby she truly belived just like the nude king. if roy moore´s guilty he should shut the f#¤%% up, if innocent the channel should pay up. a job´s a job, money´s money. no need to feel shame for what you work with unless you´re a criminal or corrupt. some can´t hold jobs or work and others´re just lazy. wonder if the live actin dc shows´re in the arrow verse?.. looking forward to cap marvel :). i look forward to hearing you guys every week :). love the show.


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