/333: September 14, 2018

333: September 14, 2018

333: September 14, 2018
Recorded LIVE at the Improv in Hollywood, CA on Friday, 9/14/2018.

@user-393371628: tonight make mondays fun :). looking forward to the michael parks doc :). different drafts on the jay and silent bob blu-ray? that potato pop party could be a homosexual retreat :), they don´t have to be lonely ralph ;). is mumin swedish or finnish? love the books and the cartoon movies :). yea i´m with kev on this :), think it´d be fun for kids. made in swedish originaly but released in finnish, didn´t know that. i like the dude with the pipe, in mumin that is. the dark knight´s good, still think batman begins´s the best 1. i´m with ralph on the joker nurse thing :). i hate fake reality shows… i got xanadu on vinyl today :), hope she´ll be ok. my grandmother broke her leg


who the f´s suing you?.. f#¤% em… so all turists taking pictures and putting them on line…. no 1 owns turist s#¤% like the f#¤% stars and the hollywood sign.. sue them back! greedy s#¤%s. yea hollywood´s not great.. all of theese i heart people and the birthday song f#¤%rs wich was solved´re just greedy selfish a#¤%hats… pay me pay me i can´t get enough slimey money!.. disgusting… the sue people generation, c#¤%s… i get easily winded when exercising as well. i herad a violin in the forest once as a kid when out walking with my dad. think it ended up being some musicians in a boat on the lake. rather do thai chi than yoga. babble on and last week


and they had no choise but to shorten it, think she was around 87 or 90 at the time. that´s nice of her fans :). yea hollywood´s iffy :S… good for the states perhaps but does canada want bieber?.. not really heard their side. just hire someone else to play superman, cavill´s good as sups but the movies aren´t… supergirls superman´s good :), looking forward to lois lane, hope they make a superman show now :). yea there´s a kidder vibe over tullock. i guess mines kidder or hatcher, that i grew up with. underworld´s good :). ham could be a good batman, superman or harvey dent i´d think :), got ham. neeson as dent, dafoe as joker, ham as bats. love the show.


they really need to film that yoga class, lmfao.


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