/334: October 14, 2018

334: October 14, 2018

334: October 14, 2018
Recorded LIVE at The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday, 10/14/2018.

fuck ralph and his faggit ass liberal jerkoff artist position. any pussy that bitches about our President should have his ass beat. dude is a drunk fucking clown ass LOSER


Hollywood can suck it… i started around the smodcastle days too :). i only listen to the monday ralph reports. can´t really afford to shell out a bunch of cash for all the pods i listen to, it´d be a lot… casper the vibrating ghost. a clamy vagina face :s. kfc sadmas… i like scott on walking dead :). just saw platoon again, love seven. grew up with a few claymation shows, not sure if any off vinton´s though. dredd´s great, love the movie dredd too. saw that ep of star trek not long ago. may their journeys continue. manhunter´s good :). beauty and the beast´s great :). is there a finite amount of helium on the planet? think i heard that somewhere… kanye´s a bit nuts. leathal


weapon´s not great… lacks the grittiness of the 2 1st movies. Peña´s good. yea merchandise costs way to much… maby don´t buy until they lower prices?.. 100 000 dollars in rent´s not justifiable… star trek discovery´s nice :). some avengers and guardians´re bound to not come back :(. good that coogler´s coming back, crazy that they fired gunn… not iron fist… i did think he was good with luke cage so maby he could join that show or they can do another show together :)? superman the movie´s great :), think they´ll do a superman show?.. they´re casting a lois lane ;). looking forward to batwoman to the arrow verse :). they should get to play with ll the characters. love the show.


This audio sounds really creepy if your paying attention to the pictures below.


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