/335: October 19, 2018

335: October 19, 2018

335: October 19, 2018
Recorded LIVE at Bella Concert Hall in Calgary, AB on Friday, 10/19/2018.

@shadow-ninjja: Bwahahahaha! Oh, that was a good one. That little fake, robotic, shell of a person. For a second, i thought you were one of her naive nazi zombies! You kidder you….


Taylor Swift is an amazing, and wonderfully person, you Ralph are the peice of shit for hating her for nothing


not just women that´re prostitutes guys. supergirl´s great :). all drugs should be legal. smart kid :), i love canadas attitude :). ralph´s survival hoth gear. wonder if yakuza´s involved in this hat cat scheme?.. money or a career´s not everything. not seen i am big bird yet. been tired of remakes since around 2000… holland´s a good spidey :). not interested in an alfred movie or show… dc still doesn´t have it all together yet… don´t get why everything needs an origin either but i hope the joker movie´s good. love the show.


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