/Celebrities Who Were Tragically Killed By Their Own Fans

Celebrities Who Were Tragically Killed By Their Own Fans

Celebrity life may bring wealth and fame, but it also increases certain risks for famous people. While most fans of celebrities adore their chosen idols, there are occasionally fans who develop unhealthy obsessions. Most of these individuals are ultimately harmless, but sometimes an individual emerges with plans to commit violence against the object of their infatuation. Sadly, murderous fans are sometimes successful, and are able to take the life of someone who most people respect and admire. Fortunately, these events are rare, but there is a prominent list that’s developed over the years. Here are the celebrities who were murdered by their own fans.

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John Lennon | 0:00
Rebecca Schaeffer | 1:46
Gianni Versace | 3:03
Christina Grimmie | 4:24
Dimebag Darrell | 5:34
Selena Quintanilla-Pérez | 6:49
Andres Escobar | 7:47

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