/Tyrese Gets a Victory in Childcare Costs Battle

Tyrese Gets a Victory in Childcare Costs Battle


No More Covering Childcare Costs

While Ex is ‘Living Life’

11/27/2018 2:16 PM PST


A judge is siding with Tyrese, ruling there are limits when it comes to his ex-wife demanding he cover childcare costs … especially if her activities aren’t work-related.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the judge ruled Norma Gibson can’t expect Tyrese to reimburse her for babysitters to watch their 11-year-old daughter, Shayla … if Norma’s running “non-work errands” or running her household.

As we first reported, Tyrese was pissed about childcare bills Norma was running up — especially one particular day in August — when she admitted she was merely “living life.” He was also upset that, in his view, she wasn’t making an effort to get a steady job.

In the docs, the judge lays out what qualifies as work activities for Norma — including developing her life coaching biz, working on her book or pursuing her art. The court says if she requires childcare while doing any of those things … she can put that on Tyrese’s tab.

Tyrese had demanded a detailed, even itemized, accounting of how Norma spends her time. The judge basically said that’s not a bad idea — recommending, but not ordering, Norma to “maintain a diary of time spent on work.”

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